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Warning: Freezing weekend ahead

Warning: Freezing weekend ahead 

Ashley Nyambe THE extremely cold weather that most parts of the country experienced this week, is about to migrate to northern Namibia, where it could lead to frost as temperatures drop below freezing point, according to Namibia Meteorological Services. 

Small stock farmers and crop farmers should take the necessary precautions as the extreme cold weather could be detrimental to crops and animals. 

Namibia Meteorological Services said the cold weather will be migrating to the north from the western, southern central and eastern parts of the country. 

The cold conditions will persist in the interior during the weekend. While the North is cold, potentially even freezing, the South is expected to be persistently windy, with the southwestern areas experiencing moderate to fresh winds and the southern areas experiencing strong winds. 

Namibia Meteorological Services said the Karas region might see a few rain showers. 

In contrast, the coastal areas are expected to be partly cloudy and mild to warm during the weekend. As is customary in this digital age, people have captured and shared the beauty of the changing seasons on social media. 

One of them is Karin Van Dyk who shared photos of Gobabis’ cloudy skies on Facebook captioned “This morning, May 20 2022, Gobabis District. Very cold, rain, hail, lightning and thunder”.