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Amushelelo pleads for bail, states family will be destitute without him

Amushelelo pleads for bail, states family will be destitute without him

Amushelelo pleads for bail, states family will be destitute without him

Amushelelo pleads for bail, states family will be destitute without him Staff Reporter THE economic affairs commissar of the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) Michael Amushelelo alongside his co-accused appeared before the Katutura Magistrate's Court where he pleaded for bail stating that he is the breadwinner of his wife and six-year-old daughter, adding that his continued incarceration would bring hardship to his loved ones. 

Amushelelo also testified that he has assets in cash worth N$15 million, land as well as cars valued in the amount of N$5 million. Amushelelo, represented by Mathe Nambili, appeared alongside his co-accused Dimbulukweni Nauyoma who is represented by Kadhila Amoomo. 

The two appeared before Magistrate Masule Kwizi for an urgent bail application after the seven other protestors arrested in the China town protest were released on a warning. The president of the NEFF, Epaphras Mukwiilongo, was also among the arrested protestors let out on warning. 

Amushelelo was arrested last week Friday after he handed himself in after he forced China Shop owners to close their businesses, arguing that they sell counterfeit goods, whilst the government last week destroyed counterfeit goods worth N$5 million which he states were mostly confiscated from previously disadvantaged Namibians. 

State Prosecutor in the urgent bail application Arrie Husselman objected to the granting of bail of the two accused men, stating that if released they might commit further offences of a similar nature. Husselman further shared that the granting of bail will not be in the interest of the administration of justice, and added that the State has a strong case against the two. 

Husselman further shared that the two accused persons are facing serious charges. Objecting to this, Amushelelo’s defence lawyer Namibili stated that the eight persons arrested in the China Town protest all face similar charges which include incitement to commit an offence and public violence. 

He however shared that Amushelelo only has one extra charge which pertains to assault by threat. He noted that accused three to eight were released on warning lasted Friday and stated that there should be an element of fairness to how all accused persons are treated. 

Giving their evidence in chief, the defence further called Amushelelo to the stand who testified that he is the current breadwinner of his family. 

Amushelelo further testified that he takes his daughter to school and picks her up as well, stating that his arrest has caused a break in this routine, causing distress to his daughter's emotional well-being. 

Amushelelo further testified that he also fends for his wife Julieta Amushelelo who he states is unemployed. “As her husband, I take care of her financially, physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually,” Amushelelo said. 

He added that he is currently employed as a consultant at two private companies to which he offers financial and marketing advice. 

The forex trader currently also has a pending case in which he faces charges of money laundering, fraud, and tax evasion from the year 2019 for which he is out on bail. His assets derived from forex trading have been frozen by the State since the inception of the case. The bail proceedings of Amushelelo and Nauyoma will continue at the Katutura Magistrate's Court at 9:00 on Tuesday.